Our Story


We're a student friendly weekly hip hop & RNB nightclub brand based in Scotland.


The year is 2014. Thankfully, after years dominating the commercial club scene and destroying every ear drum in Europe, EDM music is beginning to fade in popularity. A young yet (thanks in part to EDM) weathered nightclub photographer from Edinburgh has a dream - to create a light hearted, student friendly party that celebrated commercial hip hop and RNB music. And that was it. To create a good time for anyone and everyone that enjoyed hip hop. Nothing pretentious about it. Less exclusivity, more inclusivity.

It sounds like a no brainer, but at the time there really wasn't anything of the sort geared towards the student market in the country. Hip Hop & RNB was always there, but it was confined to the second and third rooms of nightclubs... an afterthought. The concept worked though, and within 12 months Milk had established weekly club nights in two other cities - Aberdeen & Glasgow (where it still operates today) - with goals of spreading its wings further afield.

And the rest they say, is history.

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